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We only employ factory trained plumbers, they’re the best at repairing sewer lines.

Problems with your main sewer line are pressing and cannot wait. Don’t try to fix a sewer line yourself, though! To avoid emergency flooding, water contamination, and other dangerous outcomes, seek professional help as soon as possible. Whether you have a blocked main sewer line or another plumbing emergency in the Corpus Christi area, we can provide the help you need at any time, including Sundays and holidays.

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How to unclog main sewer line with plumbing bladder

Clogged sewer lines is a pretty common problem most landlords have to fix. Normally, I just call a plumber, but we just had a historic freeze and all of them are busy fixing busted water lines. I don’t own a mechanical snake so I had to resort to another option which is a plumbing bladder. I’ll show you how to use this and if it is effective or not.

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CALL US AT THE FIRST SIGN OF A CLOGGED MAIN SEWER LINE Do you suspect you may have a backed-up sewer or clogged main sewage line? Call Corpus Christi Emergency Plumbing right away to avoid major damage, such as flooding and biohazard contamination. We can connect you with an expert who will come to your property in Corpus Christi to fix the problem quickly and safely!