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Our plumbing emergency experts will come to your aid as soon as possible when you need help the most! We can rescue your property from floods caused by anything from minor leaks or clogged sewer lines. Get help before the situation gets out of control! If possible, we recommend trying to turn off any nearby water valves and avoiding electronics to lower the risk of electrocution during a flood. Then, call our team immediately so we can help stop the flooding as soon as possible.


After a Flood: Products to Clean Your Home

NC State Extension Specialist Mike Waldvogel explains some of the basic products — including all-purpose cleaner, bleach, sprayers and deodorizers — can help you clean up your home after a flood.

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You might think that an emergency flood can be resolved with a quick fix, but you don’t want to risk letting a flood escalate. That’s why it is important to call Corpus Christi Emergency Plumbing right away. No matter what you think the cause of the flood may be, the situation is best left to a professional to help minimize the damage. Whether you have a roof leak or a blocked drain, our network of plumbers can help you.

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